- added support for Fedora core 4, for older Fedora please old version of distort
- added check if the file .discinfo exists
- removed step for rpmdb rebuilding (not needed anymore since FC4)
- pr_fc4_mini -> found ~ 280 new packages to remove (as compared to old pr_fc3_mini project) -> 491 MB

- helper subscript to generate add_xxx.txt list from RPM directory
- option to automatically install missing packages for distort environment (if apt installed)

- added parameter to control automatical mediacheck on distro boot
- force environment check step at startup (y/n)
- add "make rpmvc" in environment check/prepare script

- removed dependency on comps src rpm, packing only spec file with us instead
- re-added batch of required packages (current mini size is 412MB)

- mini distro: cut down size for 80MB more (now 401MB) removing gcc/devel packets, ...
- added helper script (not connected through menu)
- auto delete duplicate file (using rpmvc code)
- HTML statistics -> fixes for empty links

- HTML statistics -> added document title
- HTML statistics -> added link "Generated by distort"
- HTML statistics -> add link for each packet name, extract URL from rpm

- removed rh-errata script (old way to do the update)
- moved publisher name and email into the each project itself
- added new subproject -> FC3_srv_mini (minimal server) based on BLAG mini RPM list
- generating HTML RPM list file as part of statistics

- changed implantisomd5 call not to use --supported-iso flag
  (now the DVD boot will automatically start with mediacheck)
- distro mini: removed some more packages (festival, samba, tetex being the biggest) new ISO size: 517 MB
- smaller fixes

- added support to update the distribution using apt-get mechanism (you must have preconfigured repositories)
- create comps.xml.bak before editing comps.xml
- define add_ files logic - skip remove logic if any add_ file exist
- automatically copy ks.cfg if it exists in project directory

- added support to rebuild rpmdb RPM package (mini: 594MB total size)
- some cosmetic changes in check_duplicates script
- automaticaly storing custom comps.xml in the project directory
- distro tweaked: removed KDE group from comps.xml, added list of addon packages into comps.xml

- added support to rebuild comps RPM package (pack edited comps.xml back into the package)
- cleanup subscripts (removed import lines from top)

- distro mini: 3 more packages removed (720MB total size)
- distro mini: removed boot images from /images directory (now 633MB total size)
- each project can have its custom removal script (see mini project "")

- distro mini: 39 more packages removed (747MB total size)
- log and statistic files are now generated in the project directories
- check if config file parameter is a file or a directory!

- some variable renaming, cleanups, moving from to
- distro mini: removed large number of rpms
- support for creating xml repository (createrepo)

- moved some variables from to
- added some variables to control apt/yum generation
- added script to check for duplicate versions of the same package

- added FC3_mini subproject (minimized FC3 distribution)
- check/require apt/yum packages
- renamed main script to ""
- sorted "rm_" file lists
- added README file for each subproject

- add apt/yum and statistics options into the menu

- added support for generating apt and yum repository metadata
- added large number of logging printouts

- distro: huge number (151) of RPMs removed (mostly foreign languages oriented packages)
- added pkgorder generation phase in ISO generation process (fixes installer crashing when starting to install rpms)

- fixed major issue: missing "--witnumbers" flag in genhdlist (causes installation crash)
- added additional info strings in mkisofs command
- distro: removed totem

- added changelog file into the project
- added project name and address into the menu header
- added logging to file
- added script for generating statistics info on new distro
- distro: added xine and depended RPMs, few new games, openvpn

- first release Logo